Cute Sayings

When ordering your baby items, please select a ‘cute saying’ from the drop-down list or select ‘add the baby's name’. If you prefer to use your own saying, please insert it in the text box provided on the page. Please keep it under 10 words, so it is clear and easy to read. Short sayings or the baby's name are more suitable for small beanies. And - NO EXTRA CHARGE for personalisation.
Each cute saying has it's own font format, a few of which you can see on the pictures of the items.

Some sayings have a finer font and do not embroider well on the towelling burpers, so I have used the sayings with a thicker font, as they stand out more clearly. Short sayings or the baby's name are more suitable for the burpers.

For Burpers :
Spit Happens
Drool Rules

For Change Mats :
Place cute bum here ..
I'm too sexy for my diaper!
Place sweet cheeks here ..
Does this diaper make my bum look big?
To Pee, or not to Pee, that is the question!

Cute Sayings for Babygrows, Sun Suits & Bibs
When God made me, He was just showing off.
Eat, sleep, poo, that's all I do!
That's it, I'm calling Grandma!
Don't make me call Grandpa!
It's not easy being this cute!
Daddy's little man
Daddy's little girl
50% mommy, 50% daddy
Future shop-a-holic
Precious, handle with care
I'm too sexy for my diaper!
I was an egg once!
Mommy's little overdraft
Am I cute or what!
When all else fails, call 0800-Aunty
I'm smart and adorable, just like my Aunty (Uncle)
I was an egg once
I'm a bit of a big deal around here.
I picked a very special Mom
I picked a Kick Ass Dad
Life's too short to take a nap!
When all else fails, call 0800-Aunty
Spoilt Rotten!
Daddy is clever, but Grandpa knows everything.
Party, my place, bring your own bottle!
I'm spoilt, 'cause they can't spank Grandpa!
'Cause I'm the baby, that's why!
Daddy, keep calm and call Mommy!
I drink 'till I pass out!
Awesome, like my Dad!
My Mom thinks she's in charge.. that's so cute!

Christmas :
Dear Santa, I can explain!
Dear Santa, define Good
Dear Santa, it wasn't me!
Dear Santa, I am on the list, right?
It's my very 1st Christmas!

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